What is the difference between feed pelletizer and wood pellet pelletizer?

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2023-08-03 14:39

1. Different raw materials
The feed pellets are mainly made of corn meal, grass meal, grass meal, cottonseed meal, soybean meal and rice husk. These materials are relatively soft and humid, so they can be processed directly with a small amount of liquid. When the pelletizer is running, there will be a heating process, after which, the feed pellets will become softer and smoother.
Biomass particles are made of more stiffer materials. Logs, sawdust, waste wood, sawdust, sunflower stalks, cotton stalks, bamboo dust, coffee peels, wheat straws, palm peels and almost all biomass waste you can think of can be processed into pellets. The raw material processed by the biomass pellet plant contains more fiber, so the process is more complicated than the plant that manufactures feed pellets.

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